Kingsdale Meadow pups are doing great (20 Sep, 2016)

From our very first litter we get very nice feedbacks, all pups have a very nice temperament and they are working very well!

Smart with Claudia Schmidt already finished a german hunt test for young dogs (JP/R), Taba with Sandra Leinker finished 111/120 with excellent at the Rabenau Working Test.

Baerbel Achelpöhler spent a week with us in Hungary this September and her dog, Solo did great all days.

My two pups, Aspen and Hero are also doing well, travelled a lot with them this Summer and we got many compliments from experienced handlers how well they are doing.

Unfortunately I didn't see the yellow boys that much yet, but I met Arrow in Slovakia and he looks wonderful, a really sweet dog. Hoping that Cinzia in Italy with Liam and Attila in Hungary with his pup are also doing well and we can see them soon.


ps: if you have the chance, take a look at Sandra and her bitch, Taba's Working Test run, it was filmed and uploaded to FB, I shared it on my page.

Good news from Austria (20 Sep, 2016)


Fendawood Drummer, the young dog I picked as a stud for Blush's 2nd litter won the very first Open Field Trial he entered! He won a Novice FT at the age of 19 month, and by now, only 2,5 yrs already FT winner. 

With a bit of luck he'll be FTCH before the end of the season! Very well done to the owners and breeders David and Stefanie Latham!

We are very much looking forward to this litter and for sure some pups will stay with us at Kingsdale!

No golden pups in 2016 (20 Sep, 2016)

As I wrote earlier we bred two of our bitches on the same weekend in August. 

Blush our labrador was confirmed to be pregnant (and you can really see it), but unfortunately Filu, our golden remained empty. So, no golden pups at this time, but when she comes in season next Srping, we'll try again.

Anyway, hoping the best for Blush, we expect a big litter, and both parents carry yellow, so hopefully there will be a good mixture of pups both in sex and color!

Kingsdale Meadow - labrador litter (01 Sep, 2016)

Kingsdale Meadow puppies: Blush’s 2nd litter


In May 2015 we had our first labrador litter from Blush (FTW Lesser Burdock Blush) x Aston (Ragweeds Aston of Fendawood). All 8 puppies went to working homes and we got really nice feedbacks, they are all easy to handle, driven, stylish working dogs with a well balanced temperament. 

This year I chose another young stud dog, Fendawood Drummer. He’s black, but both parents are carrying yellow, so we can expect both yellow and black puppies.

 Drummer is a talented young dog, at the age of 19 month he already won a Novice Trial in England, and this season (before the age of 3) he already runs Open FTs. He’s a driven dog, with good focus at the line and he runs very good lines, but he’s also strong in the area.

Blush is very well balanced dog, very easy and soft at heel, but running strong, whistle sensitive and keen on hunting. This year she was running at the Skinners World Cup in England, where she was the best dog of our hungarian team and the 6th highest scored dog out of the 60 dogs from 15 different countries.


Info on Fendawood Drummer


Registration nr.:

Sex: Dog

Breed: Labrador

Dam: Int. F.T. Ch. Ragweed’s Greedy Of Fendawood

Sire: Ravensmoor Kite

Owner: Mr David Latham

Breeder: Mr D and Mrs S Latham

DOB: 2014-03-05

Health: HD: 4/4, ED: 0, CNM Clear, PRA Clear


Info on FTW Lesser Burdock Blush


Registration nr.: ÖHZB LR 8201A

Sex: Bitch

Breed: Labrador

Dam: Int. FTCH Lesser Burdock Ansdell

Sire: FTCH Astraglen Trigger of Fendawood

Owner: Oliver Kiraly

Breeder: Petra Loidl

DOB: 2012-05-19

Health: HD: A, ED: 0, PRA: free, CNM: free, SD2: carrier

ChipNr: 040097809083090


For enquiries, please send me an e-mail (

Kingsdale Meadow - golden litter (01 Sep, 2016)

Kingsdale Meadow puppies: our first golden litter!


I’m glad to announce, that we are expecting our first golden litter from Filu (Clancallum Filumena) x Finnegan (Soinneanta Finnegan) in the middle of October, 2016.


Filu is 2,5 years old, medium gold, medium sized, tipical happy golden bitch! She came to us from England, bred by Lynn and Malcolm Stringer. Her mother Gilly, was bred out of my Shift (Firemark Pedal to the Metal) and on her mother line my Bronco (Sember Modesto Bronco) is her great grandfather. Gilly has spent her first year with me together with her brother Gambler, but from the beginning I knew I can only keep one, so she went to England to the Stringers. Since I liked her very much, our deal was to get a puppy back and that became Filu. Lynn and Malcolm chose for the breeding one of today’s top english golden stud-dog, Echobrook Dexter, so Filu is half american, half brittish. In her pedigree you can find some brilliant dogs, Shift was one of the most stylish golden I’ve ever known, Bronco was a very successful, confident dog with exceptional marking ability, but generations back you can also find some of the best US field goldens.


The stud dog we used was Petra Soons Finnegan, who is already a proven stud. For those who are familiar in the world of working goldens in Europe, Petra’s name and her dogs needs no introduction. She’s one of the most successful handler of goldens nowadays, she run her dogs on dummies (working-tests) and game (cold and warm, as well as picking up) too. Finnegan is a good looking dog, with plenty of drive and desire to please, so I truly hope this combination will result healthy, strong going, happy golden puppies, that can be ideal for work, as well as family companion.


If interested please send me an e-mail (


Info on Soinneanta Finnegan:

Registration nr.:1333674

Sex: Dog

Breed: Golden Retriever

Dam: Soinneanta Thandeka

Sire: Holywear Gorse

Owner: Petra Soons

Breeder: P.A. Leitch

DOB: 2012-9-26

Health: HD: A2, ED: free, GT-PRA: free

ChipNr: 985170002352611



Info on Clancallum Filumena:


Registration nr.: AR00747106

Sex: Bitch

Breed: Golden Retriever

Dam: Whispering Oaks Gilly of Clancallum

Sire: FTCH Echobrook Dexter

Owner: Oliver Kiraly

Breeder: Mr M G and Mrs L Stringer

DOB: 2014-2-10

Health: HD: B, ED: free, PRA: free

ChipNr: 981000006332372