A busy summer (15 Aug, 2015)


Last year most of the time I flew to my trainings, which made travelling quick and comfortable. But it had a big disadvantage: I had to leave my dogs at home, therefor many of them were behind in the training. 

So, I decided that this year –whenever I can- I will take my car and drive to my trainings, so I can take some of my dogs with me and they can have some trainings before or after the group trainings. 

Since the beginning of June, I had a 4-week long german-swedish trip, then 17 days Germany, then another 10 days and then again 2 weeks Germany and Belgium. So, that’s a lot of travelling, always just a few days at home in between, but dogs can handle it very well. The only difficulty is sometimes the weather, some days are very hot this summer.

My focus now is on Smoke (my yellow dog) and to bring back Blush into shape after her litter. I’m very pleased with the progress of both and hopefully this fall and winter they can prove themselves on the competition field.

Pearl became a very nice working dog, although she’s just my picking up dog and I don’t put that much work into her, sometimes she surprises me how good she is!

Filu the golden was a late bloomer, but now she’s ready for training, I wish I could have a little more time for her, but I’m trying to catch up.

I plan to do some filming once I have the time and upload some videos about the dogs… hope I can make it in the near future J

(in the picture from the left: Blush – Pearl – Filu – Smoke)