A-litter pups went home (22 Jul, 2015)


Our first Kingsdale Meadow pups grew up and mid-July they were ready to leave us and start their life with their new owners.

I’m very happy, since we believe that all pups went to very nice homes and we are sure that they will taken good care of and I believe we’ll meet some of them on the competition field as well.

Pups went to Italy, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary. One black bitch, Aspen and a little hooligan black boy named Hero are staying with us.

We are wishing lots of joy and happiness to all pups and puppy-buyers!

Train with the best! (22 Jul, 2015)


Today’s one of the best (or maybe the best) retriever trainer-handler is David Latham. Since he got married, he spends time with his wife Stefanie in Austria and I’m more than happy that sometimes he can accept my invitation to train together at my ground in Hungary.

The beginning of July David came over with some of his best dogs and we spent a great day together. It’s an honor to train and learn from someone as experienced and successful as David!

I can only recommend to all of you: train together with experienced, good handlers whenever you can, it’s highly motivating and it pushes your standard higher.

I was very pleased with my young yellow dog, Smoke and watching David with Baileys and Ale, I have no doubts that he will be in line at the IGL Championship this year again!