We had special guests today! (01 Jun, 2015)


Yesterday we had some special guests: Stefanie and David Latham. For those of you who are into retrievers this name should be familiar. Stefanie is probably the best Labrador breeder in Europe with more than 20 years of experience (Ragweeds Labradors) and her husband David is 3 times IGL Championship winner, one of today’s best handlers in the world (Fendawood Labradors).

Although we live close to each other (less than 2 hours drive), but all of us have a busy schedule, so it’s difficult to find the time for spending a whole day away from home. But now they could accept our invitation and came over with some of their dogs to train on our grounds. It’s always inspiring and motivating to see such experienced trainers and handlers, so it was an honor to have them here.

Special thanks to my friend Gabor Deak, who also took part with his bitch, and helped us a lot during the day. We hope that everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did and hope to have more days like this in the future.

More info on Kingsdale Meadow A-litter (20 May, 2015)

Some of you have asked for more info on the litter, so let me give you some info on the parents.


Lesser Burdock Blush – black bitch – DOB 19/05/2012

Blush was bred by Petra Loidl in Austria. Her sire is Jodie (Int FTCH Lesser Burdock Ansdell), a very successful bitch, with several Open wins on both tests and trials. Jodie was the winner of the ICC 2012 (Field Trial European Championship) in Italy. She’s not just a great bitch, but a good producer, many of her offsprings are running very successfully all over Europe.


Blush’s dam is FTCH Astraglen Trigger of Fendawood. He is owned by Stefanie Latham. Trigger is a popular stud dog, he passes on his great hunting style and confidence to his offsprings.


Blush is not big, but very compact bitch. She has a lovely tail action, always wagging her tail. She’s a very good hunter, stylish and confident. From the very beginning it was very easy to teach her to handle, she’s very whistle sensitive, so her responses are very sharp. She’s a great jumper, no fences or obstacles can stop her, she jumps high fences easily, even with a pheasant in her mouth.

But probably her best quality is that she’s very well balanced, she’s very calm at heel (even before the age of two she handled easily the big commercial hunts where hundreds of birds were shot), but has plenty of drive when she’s sent for a retrieve.


The stud dog I chose for the first litter was Ragweed’s Aston of Fendawood. He is owned by Stefanie and David Latham. They call him ‘Little-Dell’ after his father, Delfleet Neon of Fendawood. Dell is David two times IGL Championship winner yellow dog, and hopefully Aston can follow his footsteps. This was the first stud, both Blush and Aston behaved like an experienced pro, so everything went smooth and easy. Aston is a compact, yellow dog, with a very well balanced temperament. He’s very relaxed at the line, but running with plenty of drive and he has a very fast return. Although he was only two years old at the time of the mating, but he already showed his qualities and soon after did very well on his first competitions. I’m very positive that soon he’ll become a FT Champion dog and becomes a popular stud-dog.


Blush is a good mom, she’s doing a great job since she gave birth for her pups, so we only had to supervise things, but she left no work for us. The pups are growing, sleeping a lot, eating well and we are looking forward to spend some wonderful weeks with them. Two of them will stay with us –one boy and a girl- since we strongly believe that this litter –even it’s our first one- it is really a special one.


Please check back later for more updates. Thank you!

Kingsdale Meadow A-litter was born! (26 May, 2015)


We are more than happy to announce that our black labrador bitch, Lesser Burdock Blush gave birth to 8 healthy pups on the 13th of May, 2016. We have 3 yellow dogs, 3 black dogs and 2 black bitches. All pups are doing very well, looking good and active. Pups were born with weights between 350-440 gramms.

The stud was a very well balanced, young, but very promising yellow dog, Ragweed's Aston of Fendawood, owned by David and Stefanie Latham.

Blush is a very good mom, since the first minute she's taking very good care of her pups. Soon I'll upload more pictures of Blush and her pups.