Theoretical Trainings in Germany (08 Jan, 2015)

DO NOT just do it – KNOW what you DO!

Most of us learn to train and handle retrievers just by doing it. But if you get the proper knowledge, your training and handling can improve a lot and you’ll be more successful in what you do.

I recognized that during a normal day training (field-work) participants have a limit how much information they can handle and remember later. So, we created an event specialized for the theory of different parts of retriever training. The best part is, that it’s all happening in a comfortable environment, in a friendly atmosphere, where we use different presentation tools, with Q&A sessions and open discussions.

14th of Feburary – theme: marking

To give you an idea, just a few titles that we are going to talk about:
-how the different factors effect your dog’s work on a mark (environmental factors, landscape, background…etc)
-how to build up marking tests for dogs in different training level
-when and how to handle a dog on a mark
-how marks are judged in different retriever events
-how to set up multipile marks
-water marks
-problem solving (head swinging, locked on a mark, not looking out…etc)

The next day will be the 7th of March – theme: handling, heelwork, steadiness.

Here we will talk about ‘lining’ and ‘directional handling’ in addition to ‘heel-work’ and ‘steadiness’. A few subjects that we are going to talk about:
-how the build a confident ‘blind-dog’
-how to improve long, straight lines
-the training square
-angled and square handling
-positive whistleing
-what is mental steadiness
-why heelwork is the foundation of all retriever work
-problem solving (not going out on backs, freezing, over-handling…etc)

I strongly believe that these trainings are good investments and can help handlers on all levels to better understand what they and their dogs are doing. For the novice handlers I think it’s a must and it will be a great tool that they can use for their future trainings.

Place: Zur Alten Fuhrmanns Schänke, Dehningshof 1, 29320 OT Oldendorf, www.fuhrmanns-
Price: 65 euro/handler
To book a place, please contact:
Claudia Schmidt, Tel.: 0176/48344922, email:
Seminars will be held in English.

Motto: I wish someone would have explained me all these things when I started to train my dogs!

Looking forward to see you in one of the upcoming events.