Kingsdale Training holiday in 2015 (20 Nov, 2014)

In the past few years we had some successful training weeks on our grounds at Kingsdale, in Jasd, Hungary, so we keep on organizing these trainings. The exact dates can be found in the calendar under the Trainings menu.

The schedule for the event is usually the following: 2 training days – 1 day off – 2 training days. Based on our experience I find the best to have two samaller groups (4 to 6 dogs per group), and each group trains half day (about 4 hours). That gives the handlers more freedom to enjoy their holiday, so the can rest or go anywhere in the other half of day, unless they would like to see what the other group is doing. Before we had all dogs out for the whole day, but we noticed that dogs couldn’t handle well many training days after each other, so the half day trainings are more efficient.

We use the training grounds at Kingsdale, but we also visit some other exciting grounds in the area (within 15 min driving distance). Possibilities are endless: fields, woods, downhill and uphill areas, fences, technical pond, different type of covers…etc.

On the training days home-made meals are provided by us for lunch on our ground.

2014 – a busy year (10 Nov, 2014)

Wow, this was a busy summer! Plenty of trainings and some judging, travelling around Europe, visiting many countries including Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark… Unfortunately this meant that I have very limited time for my own dogs and my family, and no time at all to update my website.

In September we had again training weeks on my ground in Hungary, I believe everyone enjoyed it a lot, so next year we plan to organize some trainings like that in March, in May and in September.

The last quarter of the year suppose to be slower… but it won’t. Almost every day is busy, when I’m not abroad for trainings or judging, then I go picking up with my dogs to give the youngsters some experience before the upcoming trials. But we all enjoy these days very much and it’s nice to see that youngsters are improving.