Go for the Dummy-trials! (28 Mar, 2014)

On the 22nd of March I judged a dummy-trial together with Anja Möller (D) in Rabenau, Germany. For some reasons trials are not yet popular in Germany, many events were announced and cancelled in the past, therefor I was very pleased to hear that we have enough competitors for both the Novice and the Open. Hofgut Appenborn has the perfect ground for this kind of event and the organisers and the helpers did their best to make it a good trial. The Novice went well, dogs were tested for 3 rounds in a walk-up, mostly marked retrieves, then a final drive where handlers could show how good control they have on their dogs. The open had a bit less dogs and unfortunately we lost a little too much a little too early (I believe the challenging cover made it difficult for some dogs), but at the end I believe we found the best dogs of both stakes. Once again thanks for all who came and supported our effort to make trials more popular!
- Novice winner: Anna Auerbach with Dutiful Josie of Golden Attention (golden, bitch).
- Open winner: Danielle Weyerer with Barkley of Sinders Stream Valley (Labrador, dog).

We feed Chudleys (25 May, 2015)


Today we received another shipment of Chudleys dog-food. It was just in time, since we sold all our stock and our dogs ate whatever left. Chudleys is not very much known in our region yet, although they produce very nice quality dogfood, specialized for hunting breeds. We are very pleased with it and we glad to see that more and more customers choose it and the feedbacks are very positive. If you would like to get more information about it, please visit their website.

We feed Chudleys.

Artikel – auch in Deutsch (25 May, 2015)


I was really surprised how much feedbacks I got on the articles since the website was launched. Of course it made me happy and motivates me to write some more. I also got a very generous offer, that one of my german training partner is willing to translate the articles into german. Soon these articles will be online, but the first one is already done – it was translated for the GRC’s internal journal. I hope that retriever enthusiasts from german speaking countries will find the german versions useful.

Need for speed.

Highclere 2014 (05 Mar, 2014)

I promised earlier to share the final list of the names for the Hungarian Highclere team once the decision was made. Sad news, the list is short… actually there’s no names in it, since there’s no team for England this year. Well trained dogs, experienced handlers, team spirit and money – that’s what you need, and I hate to say, but the truth is that we couldn’t find 5 persons who have it all. That’s it, next year we will give another try.

The new addition to my pack (25 May, 2015)


Today I got the first photo from Malcolm Stringer (UK) of my new golden pup. She is a great grand-daughter of my 13.5 year old Bronco, a grand-daughter of my Shift and a niece of my Gambler. She should arrive to us sometimes in April, we are very much looking forward to have another golden puppy!

First photo from Malcolm Stringer (UK) of my new golden pup.

Training on the air-field?! (25 May, 2015)


On the very first weekend of March I was invited by Michaela Matzner for a group training in Schwechat, Austria. I gladly accepted it, since I could meet many of my former Andau clients. The best part of the it was the location: right next to landing strip of the Wien International airport! I was told, that the restricted area is part of a hunting ground (it was full of pheasants and some hares), where the Landesgruppe Wien has permission to have their weekly training for club-members. What a fascinating background for training! I greatly enjoyed the weekend, thanks for all who participated!

Group training next to Wien International Airport.