Good start for 2014 (25 May, 2015)


This year started early. Normally January and February are the slow season in dog-training, but thanks to Claudia, my friend and organizer in Northern-Germany and of course the lots of keen german dog-handlers, I started the year for an almost two-week long training trip in January. Despite the cold weather, we all really enjoyed it, thanks for all who attended. Now a short relax at home (only a week) and heading back to Frankfurt for some trainings.

One of the training group who visited Kingsdale in Sept, 2013. It was nice to meet many of them again this January!

Improving Kingsdale training grounds (25 May, 2015)


February is a great time for working on the land. My good friend Robert invested into a new machine, that should help us to clean more grounds, so we can have new triaining possibilities in Kingsdale. Some places the cover (bushes, thorns…) are so thick, that we can’t walk into it at all, so after this procedure we can use more of the ground – I’m very much looking forward to it!

The hard-working little machine is creating new, challanging grounds for our trainings.

Maybe a new golden pup? (25 May, 2015)


Good news from England: Gilly, the little sister of my golden god (Whispering Oaks Gambler) is expecting a litter at the beginning of February. Gilly is with Lynn and Malcolm Stringer and bred her to a FTCh dog called Dexter. Hope everything will go well and she has a nice group of healthy pups, so I can have a bitch for myself! If that happens, the little girl will bring on my golden line since I own many of her predecessors (Bronco as great-grandfather, Shift as grandfather and Gambler as uncle).

Family picture: from the left: Bronco, Shift (RIP), Gilly, Monty (behind), Gambler.

Skinners World Cup 2014 (25 May, 2015)


This year again I got the invitation to select a team for the Skinners International Retriever Cup. Since I was there three times already and I know that some other people are very keen on going, I’d like to give the opportunity to them to try out themselves on this highly prestigious competition. My friend, Csaba (with one of Europe’s top dog Blackthorn Achenar ‘Adu’) feels the same, so I believe this year we’ll have an all new team for Highclere. The selections are on, I’ll let you know once we have the final team.

Highclere team Hungary 2012. Csaba Karai with Adu, Robert Koszo with Storm, Zsolt Torok with Gus, Oliver Kiraly with Gambler.