About Us

My name is Oliver Kiraly and I bought my land in the early 2000’s. The location is within the beautiful countryside region of Hungary named Bakony, about an hour drive from Budapest and 40 minutes from the lake Balaton.

With my wife, Veronika we moved here in 2011 and ever since worked hard to create an ideal environment for our hobbies: gundog-training and gardening. I own and train retrievers for more than 15 years now and after giving up my previous job (I was running a trading-company for 15 yrs), this has became my full time profession. Beside trainings and seminars at home and abroad, I judge retriever tests and trials all over Europe.


Veronika is a keen gardener with many years of experience including working in England and Austria, now she’s full time at home with our son, Benjamin, helping me with the dogs, landscaping and gardening.

The name Kingsdale came from my family name (Kiraly means King) and the landscape of our ground (dale), and hopefully you’ll see some nice pups with this prefix, since we plan to start our own breeding in the near future. Beside the trainings we run a small boarding kennel, specialized for retrievers.