How to get there

If you are coming from Austria or Southern-Germany you should have an easy access to Hungary through Austria all the way to the Hungarian-Austrian boarder at Nickelsdorf (highway A4). - Open Google Maps

Once you arrive to Hungary onto the M1 (the highway between Budapest and Wien) follow the directions bellow:

  • drive on M1 towards Budapest

  • exit at 119 km (there’s also an ÖMV gas station) to road 82

  • turn right on 82, towards Balaton

  • drive 34 kms, then turn left Bakonyszentkiraly/Csesznek

  • drive 9kms through some villages

  • at the end of the road (T-junction) turn left to Mor

  • 6.5 kms later (you drive through the village Cseteny), look for a sign shows Varpalota to the right

  • once you turn right there, 2.5 more kilometers and you can make a right turn to Jasd

  • drive towards Jasd 900 meters, and look for the sign "Kingsdale Farm"

  • turn right on the gravel road and you arrived to us

If you use a navi, you might type in Kossuth utca, Jasd, 8424 Hungary, that should take you the main street of the village (3 kms from the farm), but some navis wants you to turn on some dirt roads way before it’s necessary – better to follow my directions.

Oliver Kiraly

+36 20 945 9417

Veronika Kiraly

+36 70 620 0503

Mailing address

Kingsdale Farm
Jasd 033/2, 8424 HUNGARY

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